Pursuing Justice With The False Claims Act

The False Claims Act gives private individuals the power to file lawsuits against those who defraud the United States government. In fact, these whistleblowers are a valuable resource for governments to discover fraudulent activity within their departments.

Representation You Can Trust

The law firm of Shanberg Stafford LLP is a trusted law firm that takes on complicated whistleblower cases and pursues them zealously. Our false claims act attorneys have over 60 years of combined experience in a wide variety of business law areas with a track record of success. If you think you may have information that may lead to a qui tam case, you can confidently speak to one of our California or Washington-based lawyers.

Confidential Claims

If you wonder what will happen if you pursue a whistleblower case and are afraid of the consequences of bringing this type of situation to court, you are not alone. The act allows for the confidential filing of whistleblower cases in a United States District Court. While the case is under seal, the office of the United States Attorney General and the local United States Attorney review the case.

Putting Our Experience To Work For You

With the complexity of a qui tam whistleblower case, you need to have an experienced legal team behind you to not only comply with the many procedural requirements of this type of case but also meticulously gather evidence and craft a solid case strategy.

What Can Be Gained

There are potential rewards to be gained from bringing a case covered by the False Claims Act to the attention of the United States Attorney General. Filing a lawsuit is an essential step in informing the government of corrupt practices taking place that cost exorbitant amounts of money. If found guilty, the defendant in the case must pay the federal government civil penalties as well as triple the dollar amount of damages sustained.

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