Compassionate Sexual Harassment Representation

Sexual harassment can involve overt forms of behavior such as pinching, unwanted touching or sexually suggestive comments. It can also be subtle, involving salacious jokes or remarks implying the possibility of a promotion in exchange for sexual favors. In many cases, the tone or nature of a work environment plays an important role in analyzing cases of sexual harassment.

At the law office of Shanberg Stafford LLP, our sexual harassment attorneys counsel and represent clients in California, Washington and across the country. We have the investigative knowledge and resources needed to recreate what happened by recovering and reviewing emails, memos, hiring and firing patterns, and eyewitness testimony.

The Importance Of Sexual Harassment Policies And Procedures

It’s important to determine what policies and procedures regarding sexual harassment were in place and if they were followed. Did an employee report comments or behavior that made him or her uncomfortable to their supervisor? Did the employee go to their human resources department? If so, was there a record made of the report? Were employees disciplined or talked to afterward? The existence of a paper trail and any follow-up is essential in determining if any actual harassment took place, if it was addressed or if it was concealed.

Understanding Liability For Retaliation

Retaliation and allegations of a hostile work environment often go hand in hand in sexual harassment cases. Again, the issue is whether or not a pattern emerges in how an employee was treated. After making complaints regarding sexual harassment, was an employee given an inordinate amount of extra work? Required to adjust their work schedule? Denied a promotion? Put on a “performance improvement plan”? Or, was an employee fired? The answer to these questions and any evidence one way or the other will often determine whether or not a charge of retaliation can be supported in sexual harassment cases.

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