Your Solutions To Sexual Harassment At Workplace?

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2020 | Employment Law

Unfortunately, people continue to suffer from sexual harassment at the hands of their employers or colleagues. If you are being subjected to sexual harassment at the workplace, don’t assume it will go on its own. There is only one effectual remedy- prevention. If you fail to address sexual harassment, the issue may worsen as time goes by. This may result in you being wrongfully terminated even after being sexually harassed. It can be a devastating experience, especially when you reject any sexual advances and find that you have been terminated as a result of your stand. If your employer has threatened or has terminated you because you raised concern about sexual harassment, consider speaking to a wrongful termination lawyer Newport Beach. A skilled lawyer should be able to address your issue.

Dealing With Sexual Harassment At Work Place

Workers in California, Washington, and the United States are fortunate to have federal and state law protect them from sexual harassment. The law assumes that an employer is obligated to ensure the workplace is free from sexual harassment. Surprisingly, sexual harassment involves a lot, or preferably, has a broader meaning. Some of the examples of sexual harassment may include:

  • A coworker fondling another against their will
  • An employee getting sexually explicit jokes from the supervisor
  • A salesperson making sexual comments to their female customers

Anyone can be a victim. Meaning, either gender can be involved in sexual harassment. Again, sexual harassment doesn’t need to occur during work hours and on the company property to amount to workplace harassment. In most cases, when one complains of sexual harassment, the next thing that happens is wrongful termination. If such happens, you should take the necessary steps to obtain compensation.

Steps To Take After A Wrongful Termination Due To Sexual Harassment

Some employer wrongfully terminates their employees after they raise complaints. If you have filed a sexual harassment complaint and your employer threatened or fires you, the law protects you. Most sexual harassment victims fear taking action since they fear repercussions, such as being humiliated and losing a job. This is possible. It’s also tough to prove a sexual harassment claim. If you believe you to have a wrongful termination arising from sexual harassment, you need to:

  • Gather all the relevant evidence related to sexual harassment and the reason why you were terminated.
  • Seek help from a qualified wrongful termination lawyer for advice and representation. The lawyer will advise whether you have a valid wrongful termination claim.
  • File a wrongful termination claim. Your employer is prohibited from firing you. If your claim is successful, this will enable you to receive money damages or even the cost of legal fees.

The best way to ensure you stand in a better position to win is to keep track of any evidence to support your allegations. This will also be useful for your lawyer as he/she looks for the best strategy to handle your case.

Seeking Help From A Wrongful Termination Lawyer

Sexual harassment is not all about sex; it’s about power. If you can only take the courage to report it, the behavior will not accelerate. You will also have saved others who opt to remain silent and encourage the sexual harasser to continue with wrongful acts. If you have a valid claim, you will be compensated for your damages and can even have your job reinstated.