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Experienced Intellectual Property Representation

Do you have an idea for a new product? Do you want to start a company or establish a licensing agreement with another company to manufacture and sell your product?

At Shanberg, Stafford & Bartz LLP, our intellectual property attorneys help entrepreneurs and others to turn their ideas into reality. From our law offices in Newport Beach, we represent clients in intellectual property matters throughout Southern California and beyond, including Mexico, China and the European Union.

You Can Count On Us

Our attorneys have broad experience in business law, including commercial litigation involving contracts, trademarks, trade secrets, unfair competition and defective products.

If you have a good idea, we know how to protect it. Some of the copyright law and related legal matters our law firm handles include:

  • Copyright disputes
  • Filing copyright and trademark applications
  • Advising on how to protect trade secrets
  • Registering trademarks
  • Resolving trademark and copyright disputes
  • Unfair competition
  • Trade secrets
  • Fair use and public domain
  • Real work copyrights
  • Trademark logos
  • International copyright protection

What Is The Difference Between A Patent, A Trademark And A Copyright?

A patent is a legal distinction used to protect inventions and improvements to existing inventions. A trademark is a brand name or design used to identify and distinguish the product of one manufacturer from another. A copyright protects artistic, literary and musical works.

Contact An Experienced Intellectual Property Lawyer

If you have questions or concerns about copyright protection or any legal matter relating to intellectual property, please contact the law office of Shanberg, Stafford & Bartz LLP in Newport Beach, California, at 800-519-9810 or by email. Our experienced intellectual property lawyers can evaluate your situation and advise you on the best course of action to pursue.