What Can I Do If My Employer Is Discriminating Me Against Mental Disability?

While some of the California workplaces promote and help support employees with disabilities, others do nothing about this. Those who support these employees are likelier to increase productivity. Unfortunately, most employees with disabilities are not always easily detectible. And in most of the case, these employees may suffer. Worse enough is when they are discriminated against because of their mental condition. If your employer has fired or demoted you against your mental disability, you may have a legal claim against your employer. Mental disability cases are very complex; it only disability discrimination attorneys can help one file a successful claim. It’s always advisable to understand what qualifies as a mental disability and what steps to take if you are discriminated against by your employer for having a mental disability.

Employment Laws

8 Reasons Why Employees Should Be Aware of Employment Laws

Are you not getting the same pay as your co-workers despite having the same profile? Is your office space not complying with existing laws related to health and safety? To ensure that your rights as an employee are protected, you need to be aware of relevant employment laws. Your office must have a fair working hours policy with ample lunchtime and break time. The office infrastructure should comply with occupational health and safety norms. Standard operating procedures(SOP) need to be implemented if there is an injury, accident or natural disaster. You need to get fixed wages and on time apart from government-mandated benefits.