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Amazon.Com Prime Membership Lawsuit

The purpose of this website and forum is to raise discussion and investigate a possible fraud or scam being perpetrated by online retailer

The attorneys at Shanberg, Stafford & Bartz LLP are currently investigating potential claims by customers who were enrolled in and charged for Prime membership without their knowledge or consent.

Our firm has learned of complaints from several customers that did not knowingly enroll in any Prime Membership; however their credit cards were charged for the annual fee. These individuals only discovered that they were enrolled when they received their credit card statements and noticed the fee or received an email notification from Several individuals have reported this happening to them repeatedly, necessitating the deletion of their saved credit card information from’s system. Some of customers’ experiences of these purported deceptive practices include:

I clicked on one link to find out about free two-day shipping and was signed up. I did not agree to a membership nor did I have any idea that by clicking on the link, I would be enrolled. I only clicked the link for more information. How can Amazon do this? This is fraud!

Amazon keeps signing me up for Prime without my consent. This has happened to me over and over again! I even changed my password to make sure that no one else was doing it without my permission and removed all my credit card information.

I signed up for a free trial membership but canceled it before the 30 day trial period ended. Several months later, I got charged the full membership which I then immediately canceled. The next month, I was charged again! The first time I dismissed it as a mistake, but after the second time I feel cheated.

I was charged 3 times today for Amazon Prime! The third time all I did was click on an instant video title and I was automatically signed up. This is ridiculous! How can Amazon try and trick people into signing up for Prime? I used to trust Amazon and now I’m deleting my account. What a scam!

I keep getting emails that I am signed up for Prime, but I use my husband’s Prime account and am not signing up for Prime membership. This has happened to me approximately 5 times, including once when we were on vacation with no internet access. There is no way that I am signing up and I believe that Amazon is automatically enrolling and charging me for Prime membership without my consent.

If you have had a similar experience, please comment below or send us an email at [email protected] and share your story. At this time, we are investigating a possible class action lawsuit against for these alleged deceitful and fraudulent practices against consumers.


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