Consumer Protection Law

Today, consumers must make difficult decisions about how to spend their money. In many instances, consumers are met with unlawful and deceitful conduct by corporations, mortgage lenders, banks, and other financial institutions. Through the use of class action litigation, the attorneys at Shanberg, Stafford & Bartz LLP can help consumers confront corporate wrongdoing and obtain a fair remedy for all those who were harmed.

The attorneys of Shanberg, Stafford & Bartz LLP represent consumers in a variety of consumer protection actions for matters such as:

  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act
  • Few things are more frustrating than receiving unsolicited phone calls from telemarketers or computers (robocalls). The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is designed to protect consumers and hold unscrupulous businesses accountable. The attorneys at Shanberg, Stafford & Bartz can help consumers put an end to this nefarious practice.
  • False Advertising
  • Consumer fraud in the form of false advertising occurs when a business advertises a product that it does not have, or does not intend to obtain, as a way to lure the customer to the business. High pressure sales tactics are then used to convince the consumer to purchase a more expensive alternative.
  • False advertising and consumer fraud may also occur when a business makes untruthful claims about the capabilities or effectiveness of their products.
  • Hidden or Undisclosed Fees
  • An action for consumer fraud may also stand where consumers receive bills containing charges that were never agreed upon. Examples include: credit card or bank fees, undisclosed cell phone charges, and hidden processing fees with hotels and travel sites.
  • Defective Products
  • Consumers expect the products they purchase will be designed in a manner that is safe for reasonable use. Consumers also expect that companies will provide a warning of any significant dangerous characteristics from a product. Unfortunately, many companies fall short of their duty to protect consumers resulting in severe injuries to their customers. The attorneys at Shanberg, Stafford & Bartz LLP can help individuals harmed by a product achieve justice and fair compensation for their injuries.
  • Data Breaches of Private Information
  • In today's technical environment, many companies collect sensitive personal and financial data on their customers. As a result, companies are charged with various duties to protect that sensitive data. Nevertheless, data breaches often occur where private information such as social security numbers, bank account information, or credit card information is released. The attorneys at Shanberg, Stafford & Bartz LLP can help consumers protect their rights to privacy when such breaches occur and diminish the risk of identity theft.
  • Unfair Competition or Deceptive Trade Practice
  • Claims arise for unfair competition or deceptive trade practices when a company employs deceitful methods or misrepresentation to accrue more business. The deceptive trade practices often affect a large number of consumers in a uniform way by encouraging them to purchase products that they otherwise would not. The attorneys at Shanberg, Stafford & Bartz can help consumers enforce their rights against untruthful corporations.
  • Unwanted Phone Calls

Consumers often mistakenly believe that an attorney will not represent them because their claims are too small. However, using class action litigation, consumers can obtain a remedy that compensates all of those harmed and requires the business to stop the unlawful practice.

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