Employment Laws

8 Reasons Why Employees Should Be Aware of Employment Laws

Are you not getting the same pay as your co-workers despite having the same profile? Is your office space not complying with existing laws related to health and safety? To ensure that your rights as an employee are protected, you need to be aware of relevant employment laws. Your office must have a fair working hours policy with ample lunchtime and break time. The office infrastructure should comply with occupational health and safety norms. Standard operating procedures(SOP) need to be implemented if there is an injury, accident or natural disaster. You need to get fixed wages and on time apart from government-mandated benefits.

Your employer should offer you worker’s compensation to pay for lost hours due to personal injury, a workplace-related accident, and treatment-related expenses. If you have been wrongfully terminated for refusing to participate in illegal activity, or because of discrimination, you have the right to sue your employer. You can also take legal action for discrimination based on race, sex, disability, age or religion. If you are not offered decent working conditions, then your rights are being violated. The employer should also provide insurance coverage to pay for bills in case of an injury or accident.

Employment Laws

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